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About Dr. R

Steven Rosenblatt, MD, PhD

Before there was OPRAH’s Dr. Memet Oz… before Dr. Andrew Weil started his own product line… and before Dr. Robert Atkins became a household term that meant ‘cut the carbs’…..Before all these so called health-oriented Brand names landed on bookshelves and filled the supermarkets with their version of Alternative Medicine…

They learned what they knew about Alternative Medicine because of one Good Doctor who synergized the crucial elements of Eastern medical disciplines with the newer technologies of Western medicine…

The learned what they know… because of DR. STEVEN ROSENBLATT.

Dr. Rosenblatt STARTED the American wave of Alternative Medicine. The first Westerner to graduate from the prestigious Hong Kong Acupuncture College … the Doctor who BROUGHT acupuncture to the United States and opened the first alternative medicine program at UCLA… He has been invited by every major Television network to explain, as Host or Guest, what his expertise & far-reaching skills… have created.

Based on both the development and creation of his best-selling book THE STARCH BLOCKER DIET (HarperCollins) and tied in with one of the hottest natural weight loss products currently on the market, ‘Starch Blocker’, DR. R embarked on a series of Guest spots on such blue-chip talk shows as: THE TODAY SHOW (NBC), REGIS PHILBIN SHOW (ABC), DAYBREAK LA (CBS), and even the newly-revamped version of IN SEARCH OF… (NBC)!

In addition his PhD work at UCLA in animal models of behavior led to his development of a weight loss program for dogs aimed at creating better health for our canine friends. This produced a book published by StarMed Press called “Happy, Healthy Dogs”. His natural weight loss supplement for overweight dogs is VetSlim and is the first of its kind in the country.

While his sparkling mischievous blue eyes and warm, folksy bedside manner were racking up ratings all over the country… He was approached to become the National Spokesperson for the trailblazing new weight-control product, “HEALTHY CURB”, along with Celebrity Spokesperson MARIEL HEMMINGWAY. The two hit it off so well during one of their many infomercials (soon to air throughout the United States and UK), they decided to develop some exciting new Reality Health Programming together…

… Which just HAPPENED to coincide… with the Good Doctor being invited to star in his very first television series, as co-host of an already- successful talk show series, BEDSIDE MANOR, in it’s second successful season for the Veria Channel, produced by one of the leaders in medical reality programming, Echo Productions. On the show, DR R stands for the Eastern medical p.o.v. and goes head-to-head every week with his opponent, who argues “Siskel & Ebert” style from a more Western p.o.v. about various health topics, taking questions and fielding comments from their viewing audience.

One would think this (in addition to a thriving private medical practice located in West LA, might be enough to keep DR. R busy. But… no. To this already-impressive Media Bio, one must be sure to add the over 400 Radio interviews, including several guest spots on KABC, KIIS, KMPC, KHJ, and KRLA… the over 100 print interviews and newspaper and magazine articles including THE LOS ANGELES TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, ESQUIRE, and PLAYBOY (to name but a few)…..SO STAY TUNED THERE’S MORE TO COME…..